Impact Portal
The Impact Portal provides an easy way to examine the data from our analyst team and perform in-depth investigations into market trends.

How to access

You must be logged into our Tableau Online site to access the Impact Portal. You must also have an active account with Sensor Tower. Email [email protected] for assistance.


The Impact Portal combines Liquid and Grit’s mobile gaming feature data with revenue data from our partners, and packages the results into easy to use visualization tools. There are three main categories of visualization:


Track revenue from the publication of new events, features, or content in games and show the revenue performance of a game on either a weekly or monthly scale, centered around the date of that publication. Impacts can be viewed as aggregates or as individual rankings.


Display the specific features and updates being pushed to different types of games.


Custom tools for expanding on insights generated from Impacts and Distributions.

How to use

The Main Menu screen provides navigation to all areas of the portal. Most navigation options have an alternate “mode” that can be accessed using a toggle switch on the right-hand side of each section header. When the alternate mode is active, the toggle switch and the navigation link will change color. You can also navigate between the alternate modes of a visualization from its dashboard page (there will be a link in the lower portion of the left-hand control bar).
Also on the Main Menu is the automatic filters panel and an assortment of parameters. The parameters will be available on every dashboard in the portal (some pages have extra parameters), but these site-wide filters can only be found here. These filter selectors have a reciprocal filtering system between them to prevent invalid combinations, so it’s best to start from the markets and work your way down. You can press and hold CTRL while clicking to select multiple items in any section.
While setting up your filters and base parameters, you will notice a readout in the bottom of the menu that shows how many data points fit your selected criteria. This will give you a sense of what to expect when choosing a visualization.


If a page is showing up blank, double check your filters and parameters. “Min Count” is especially tricky for pages where it applies. It’s a good idea to set it to zero if you’re dealing with smaller data samples.
If you refresh the page or navigate back to the Tableau Online home screen, your filters and parameters will reset. This is a good thing if done on purpose, otherwise it can be frustrating. Make sure you use the internal navigation buttons to get around the portal if you want to keep your frame of reference intact.
All XoX calculations are based on a rolling window which centers around a given date, so a WoW impact is considered as the sum of this day and the following six as compared to the sum of the previous seven. XoX calculations will only appear if all days in the relevant windows have been reported. Because of this, the counts seen on aggregated impact charts within a given frame of reference may differ from charts which do not include revenue calculations.
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