Lift Tool

More information on the upcoming Lift tool


In short, the Lift tool will give you revenue impact numbers by mechanics and individual product releases. It does this by first combining our data with revenue providers—such as, Sensor Tower, and App Magic—and then doing daily calculations on the revenue lift of each product release.

The two main views in the Lift tool are by individual product release and by aggregated mechanic.

Revenue Impact Options

By Individual Product Release

One view gives you the revenue impact by both week over week and month over month numbers for individual product releases. You can then easily filter the product releases by a type, such as challenge events (as shown below). You can also easily filter by app, market, genre, date, and more.

You will also be able to find out more information about that product release by clicking on the name and going directly to its screenshot library.

By Aggregated Mechanic

To understand the average and median revenue impact by a mechanic, such as challenge events in the casual market, you can view the data by aggregated mechanic. You will see the count, average and median revenue impact, and the standard deviation of the revenue impact for each mechanic.

The standard deviation can represent the risk of a mechanic in the market. So although the average revenue impact might be high, the standard deviation might also be high. Both of these numbers are important tools to help inform your product roadmap.

Data Source

The data source will come from our New Releases Database as well as your API key and your revenue data provider (such as, Sensor Tower, App Magic, etc.). Through your Admin panel, you will be able to connect your API key information to pull in your preferred revenue data to be combined with our data.

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