Slack Channel Integration

Learn how to receive our monthly reports in any Slack channel and connect with L&G through a shared Slack channel.

You must be the admin of your Liquid and Grit and Slack accounts.

Slack Integration Walkthrough Video

Instructions to Integrate Liquid and Grit with Slack

Download Slack's Email App

  1. As a Slack admin, go to Slacks' app page here

Send reports in a Slack channel

  1. Follow Slack's steps to add email integration to the desired Slack channels.

Add Email to Your Liquid and Grit Account

  1. Select "Manage Members."

  2. Select "Add Member."

  3. Insert a name and the Slack email address where you would like our reports to be sent.

  4. Select "Add Member."

  5. Repeat steps 2–7 for each desired Slack channel.

Create a Shared Slack Channel

This is for enterprise level members only.

You may need to talk to your Slack admin to create a new channel. If you don’t see the options below, find the owner or admin of your account.

  1. Create a new channel, or open the channel you'd like to invite people to.

  2. Click the channel name in the conversation header.

  3. Click the Settings tab. Below Slack Connect, click Work With Another Company.

  4. Enter the email address or name for anyone you’d like to send an invitation to, then click Done. Or, copy the link and send it to us at

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